Short Review Of The Peluso VTB Vacuum Tube Bottle Microphone

The Peluso VTB Vacuum Tube Bottle microphone is inspired by the old german bottle microphones. When I bought the Peluso VTB to test it against the Sony C800 G I noticed several things. Here’s my honest short review. Above you can also find a shoot out of the Peluso VTB against the Sony C800 G (by Soundpure).

Get the Peluso VTB here:  http://amzn.to/2DTaGtD

After I have read a couple articles and saw a couple reviews it sounded extremely good for the price. Keep in mind the Sony C800 G (Review here) is around 6 times more expensive than the Peluso VTB.  So I gave it a try.

First Try

When I unboxed the Peluso VTB I noticed a beautiful wooden box in which the microphone was packed. Along with the shiny steel case the microphone’s packaging came along very nicely. When I recorded vocals for the first time the microphone sounded pretty good to me. The vocals sound open, wide and punchy. When comparing the sound to the Sony C800 G there are notable differences.

The Sound

Soundwise the Peluso VTB is a pretty nice microphone for what you pay. Priced just a little above $1000 it is a great microphone for vocals. Although it is not really in the range of a Sony C800 G. Many claim that the VTB is very close and therefore a steal at this price. The microphone’s highs are harsher and more raw than the Sony C800 G which shines with its silky highs.

Comparing with the Sony C800 G

In my opinion it’s really hard to compare the two microphones. Even many have praised the Peluso VTB as a Sony C800 G alternative which it is not. I can hear similarities and where the Peluso VTB is going but the Sony C800G is still another ballpark. Especially the highs makes the Sony C800G outperform the Peluso microphone. However the VTB is still a good and solid mic which has similarities with the Sony C800 G when it comes to sound.


If you really want the sound of a Sony C800 G there will be no other way to get one. If you are satisfied with a sound that is still very good and aims for the sound of the Sony C800 G then the Peluso VTB is a good choice for you. To be honest, I always wanted to have the sound of the Sony C800 G and the after having used both I kept the Sony C800 G because it is simply the sound I wanted. The Peluso is a great alternative but is not in the same league but also five times cheaper. When having the option I would choose the Sony C800 G. But of course getting a microphone just slightly over $1000 versus a $10’000 microphone is a huge difference.

Get the Peluso VTB here:  http://amzn.to/2DTaGtD 

Peluso VTB Microphone

Peluso VTB Microphone

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