Best Studio Headphones 2018? Best Value Review

First, let’s make it clear. There are many more expensive studio headphones around and but this review is about finding the best Studio Headphones regarding price and value. After having used a ton of different headphones during the last few years many of them do the job well but are either very expensive or lack to provide a clear and more or less balanced sound. So this is not a DT 770 Pro test but a review where I share my thoughts about these closed-back headphones based on years of experience.

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What about other Studio Headphones

As this review covers only a review about my main go-to studio headphones. There are many other great quality studio headphones but I give you my shortcut here where I only review my favourite headphones for music production. There will be another blog post where I post a list of all of my favourite studio headphones.

Providing “real” sound for music production?

Headphones for everyday use mostly do not playback the actual audio and add their own lows or highs to the sound. This makes it very difficult to mix or record with headphones as the “real” sound is presented differently than it actually is. However headphones frequency response is not supposed to be flat. So if you would like to mix a track and you like the result it might sound completely different if you listen to the mix on high quality studio speakers. Of course you should always listen on different devices to check your mix and mixing on headphones is not the best option but the Beyerdynamic PRO – DT 770 is pretty balanced for all-around tasks when it comes to delivering a real sound in that price range.

Always consider the source where you plug them in. They won’t sound the same when you plug them into your laptop or a fully amped audio interface or mixing desk. I sometimes used them with Of course you can get a more flat sound for mixing from Sonys and much better headphones for mastering when you are ready to pay double the price for a Sennheiser HD 650  or a  Shure SRH1540. If you are not looking for an-allround pair of headphones but a cheaper pair of mixing headphones the Sony MDR7506  are a great alternative. For the price range and all-around studio tasks the DT 770 PRO 250 ohm is just my go to pair.

Too bassy?

Some say the 80 ohm are a bit too bassy and the 250 ohm version provides a more balanced sound. While it is true that the 80 ohm version does have a bit of an over emphasized bass you can simply cut -2db at 80Hz to bring it in line. The transients on these studio headphones are very good. If you’re looking to get an even better sound with the DT 770 250 ohm you can use an extern amp. I have used the Bryston 4B which I also used for my NS-10 speakers but sure will be overly expensive for beginners. The most neutral sound I got from the DT 770 Premium 600 ohm version. However, they are again more expensive and are semi-open.

Using These Studio Headphones for 5 years

After having used the Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO 250 ohm and also the 80 ohm version (less balanced but more bassy sound) for more than 5 years I can say the headphones are perfect for studio works. If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. These headphones bring you the best bang for the buck.

Workmanship Quality

What I really like about the headphones is that they are well built. They don’t feel cheap or too heavy and I never had any issues with them. The soft lining makes the headphones very comfortable to wear. The only thing I noticed is that the strut of the headphones look a bit worn. But after years and countless hours of use this is just normal. The bleed when recording is pretty minimal to non-existent. There are more expensive headphones that probably have about the same bleed. But it’s really not that much of an issue as the bleed which most headphones have is almost not notable in recordings.

Sound Quality

Needless to say they sound very good. But not only do they sound great but provide an even and realistic image of your playback. I have used them for more than 6 years and would not change to another pair of headphones. The bass is punchy but not overly present. The highs are clear and open and not harsh at all. The Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO delivers a very detailed and accurate sound. Whether I have produced a Pop Song, Hip Hop Beats or a House tune. The sound was always accurate and mighty. As referred to above you might will get a more bassy sound with the DT 770 PRO 80 ohm version but to fix that you can cut -2db at around 80db.


One of the best things is the price of these headphones. While you find higher priced and much more expensive items price at $400 – 500 with only slightly better quality. I recommend these headphones over all others. I have tested several headphones during the years and liked others but much more expensive headphones aswell. But when it comes to price. These headphones are the way to go. You can get two or even three of these studio headphones for the price of only one higher priced headphones.

Which Version Should I Get?

There are several versions of the headphones. If you have a very good amplifier you can go with a higher impedance such as the 250 ohm version for a more balanced sound. However, in almost all cases 80 ohm is the way to go. If you want to stay mobile and have a good portable pair of headphones then go with the 80 ohm version. In almost all cases I recommend getting the 80 ohm version. Whether you are a newbie starting out with music production or a pro looking for new headphones, I recommend them for both.

Get the Beyerdynamic PRO DT-770 here: http://amzn.to/2zI5sNK


Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO

Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO

Build Quality


Sound Quality


Wear Comfort







  • well built
  • full and rich sound
  • "real" audio playback
  • comfortable
  • fair price


  • 32 and 80 ohm version a bit bassy

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