by Matt Tytel

There aren’t many free vocal synthesizers around (Aquestone 2 is the only other one that comes to mind, actually), which is why we were so happy to see one coming from a reputable company such as Plogue. Alter/Ego is based on the same technology used in Plogue’s popular Chipspeech virtual instrument, but with the focus shifted towards modern vocal synthesis algorithms instead of the ones used in various 80s computers and consoles.

The instrument comes with one voice bank, a female alter ego called Daisy. Additional voice banks will be available soon, however the pricing is yet to be announced. The peculiar thing about the free Daisy voice bank is that it can actually do both female and male vocals. It sounds quite robotic, but it can also sound very human-like in certain situations, as described in our in-depth review linked below. With some clever note programming and vibrato automation, Daisy can sound surprisingly emotional, considering that it’s a purely synthetic vocal. According to some speculations, future Alter/Ego voice banks will sound even more natural and human-like.

Alter/Ego’s main drawback is the fact that pulling off a convincing vocal performance requires a lot of effort and painstaking attention to detail while editing the notes in the piano roll. Purely robotic sounding vocals are very easy to do, on the other hand. Simply input some lyrics into the editor, load one of the available voice presets and you’re ready to go all robot on your track!

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