AudioStrasse Sampler

by AudioStrasse

This is a pretty large free sample pack which is a label sampler from Audiostrasse.
Audiostrasse is proud to present its first first label sampler Loopmaster. Almost 150 MB of free samples of some of our best packs completely Royalty Free!

Launched in 2013, Audio Strasse sets to deliver the most innovative, fresh, groundbreaking, sound design, crafted for electronic sample packs and music libraries of all genres, to set it, we consistent display array of some the most high powered sound quality on the market.

Audio Strasse hails from Both Sides of the globe with members based in Brooklyn NY and Berlin Germany. These two distant bases, have enabled the label to be able to develop a broad view of the sound, creating a specific service for all the various musical genres.

Our concept of music is based on the sound quality. The study of the individual producer, is the main action on which audiostrasse built their steps, achieving results in line with the customer’s interest.

Each release is complete and specific of what the producer needs to be able to create unique and essential sounds without the obligation to have with them high-level machines.

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