by J1000

Multi-band clippers are quite a rare breed, yet they are very useful for precise dynamic treatment of the processed audio material. J1000’s excellent CL36 plugin for Windows is one of the best multi-clippers around and also the only freeware one that we’re aware of. Packed in a classic J1000 style GUI with that clean minimal look and a relaxing color scheme, CL36 is a solid mixing/mastering tool optimized for a quick and efficient workflow.

The audio signal on the input is split into three fixed frequency bands which can then be treated separately using the built-in hard and soft clipping circuits. The plugin’s only major drawback is the fact that it will only work in 32-bit DAWs on Windows, since it was made with SynthEdit. If you still haven’t switched to a 64-bit digital audio workstation, then you should also check out the brilliant DQ65 dynamic equalizer VST plugin by the same developer.

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