Cubase Pro 8 Template

by Lab Of Music Records

Free Cubase Template from Lab Of Music Records. This great template uses only VST Instruments that are included within Cubase. So there is no need for other plugins.

This is a little christmas gift for all my fans and supporters – a Cubase Pro 8 Template. Please check out this Cubase Pro 8 starter template. All you need to start a good music production with Cubase Pro 8 is inclusiv. Only Cubase Pro 8 plugins used, no other vst instruments or plugins, so you can start Cubase Pro 8 and beginn a new song!

Every mixer channel has a separat EQ setting with low cut 30Hz, 40Hz or 90Hz and a separate EQ in the channels they need to make more musical changes. Also a compressor for kickdrum, drum group or vocal channel and group.
All channels are routet in to a group channel, the drums and FX channels separatly routed in the VCA channel, a brand new feature of Cubase Pro 8. A special thing is, that the mixer groups are routet in a separat master channel group and not direct in to the master channel, so you have more flexibility in your mix.

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