Dark Engine

by 99Sounds

Another cool release by 99sounds including SFX and Drum Samples. Check it out on the 99sounds.org website and download it there.

Dark Engine is a free collection of feedback sound effects and distorted drum hits created by Timur Arynov aka MyOSS. The included drum samples were processed with the Boss OS-2 overdrive pedal, while the feedback sounds were created using the MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal.

Timur Arynov is a talented musician and sound designer from Almaty, Kazakhstan. He has released several free sound packs in the past, all of which are available for download through his Bandcamp page. Some additional tracks can be found on his SoundCloud page. You should definitely check out his “saturn cIRcles” library, which is a free collection of intentionally artificial and weird sounding reverb impulse responses. Here’s how Timur describes the Dark Engine sample collection:

Dark Engine sounds hard, dirty and distorted. Firstly, I had recorded synthesized and sampled drums through Boss OS-2 distortion / overdrive pedal. Secondly, I had recorded self-oscillated feedback from MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal through old guitar processor. It was a lot of fun tweaking knobs on delay pedal and hear that monstrous sound. For the best results all samples should be used as layers to other drums and sound effects.

I was quite impressed by the contents of Dark Engine when Timur sent me the finished version of the sample collection. It’s amazing how much a talented sound designer can achieve with just a few pieces of gear. The included feedback samples are very cool and they can be used as the sound source for all sorts of sci-fi sound effects. They can also work well for as bass or lead sounds, if you process them inside a sampler. The drum samples are also fantastic, especially suitable for use in industrial tracks. They have just the right amount of grit to cut through a bass heavy mix and I also love the super heavy distortion on some of the included kick and snare samples.

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