F9 Audio Label Sampler

by F9 Audio

F9 AUDIO is proud to present our first label sampler. 370 Mb of bespoke audio that has been perfectly crafted by professional producers and musicians and available royalty free.
F9 is the Brainchild of James Wiltshire of UK grammy nominated production and remix team the Freemasons and everything released on F9 has been quality checked and tested at the Freemasons hybrid / hardware studio.
F9 Soundware mixes world class audio with template packs that not only offer instant inspiration but a window into professional workflows, techniques and concepts that have already helped producers at all levels increase their game.

The 2016 F9 Audio Sampler contains sounds and patches from the following packs:

  • F9 Future Classic Drumtrax 1
  • F9 Future Classic Drumtrax 2
  • F9 Zuess Fx Vol 1
  • F9 Massive Future classic
  • Minneapolis Funk Feat Guy Pratt
  • Freemasons Keys and stems
  • F9 Grid V1.0
  • F9 Grid V3.0
  • F9 Trax Vol1
  • F9 Forte Piano Chords

Equipment and Instruments used in these sound packs include :

Neve 1081 stereo pair , Neve 1057 Stereo pair, APi 512 pres, SSL X rack Stereo Eq’s , VHD pres and compressors Thermionic culture Vutre (+15), Rooster , Manley massive passive, GML 8900 Dynamics, 8200 EQ, Chandler Curve Bender, Zener Limiter, Lil devil red EQ, API 527 Compressors, Eventide Eclipse, Mod factor, Space , UBK Fatso, HCL Solution Valve compressor, Moog Model D Minimoog, Slim Phatty, Voyager, Roland Jupiter 8, jupiter4, JX10, MKS-70 , MKS-80, SH101, Juno 60 & 106, Original TR 808, 909 & 606, TR8, DSI Prophet 6, Poly Evolver , Tetra, Hartmann Neuronn, Ensoniq ESQ1, Waldorf Microwave, Nord lead4, Nord lead A1, Oberheim matrix , OBX-A, Alesis Andromeda, Yamaha DX7 IIFD, TX7, TX802 and TX816.

And ‘Betsy’ – Guy Pratt’s beloved 60s vintage Fender Jazz bass.

  • 24 Bit Quality 405MB
  • 9 Stems from Drumtrax Vol. 1
  • 10 Stems from Drumtrax Vol. 28
  • Loops from Forte Vol. 1 Club Classics
  • 7 Stems from Freemasons Keys & Stems
  • 10 Loops from Grid V1.0 80’s Future Retro
  • 13 Stems from Grid V3 Drumtrax
  • 19 NI Massive Presets from Massive Future Classic
  • 10 Stems from Minneapolis Funk
  • 9 Stems from Trax Vol. 1
  • 11 Samples from Zuess FX
  • Full Product Manuals


NB: There is a £1 charge for bandwidth costs.

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