Free 80’s Patches

by TheONE

Presenting THE ONE: 80’s Patches [FREE], a delicious collection of Free presets.

THE ONE: 80’s Patches [FREE] comes with 30 powerful U-He Tyrell N6 presets with a sweet vintage 80’s theme.
All sounds have been made to sound as fat and dense, analogue, warm, and oldschool as possible.
All presets are 100 % original and royalty free, and can be used in different kinds of productions without any legal issues.

The TyrellN6 synth can be downloaded for free at the u-he website.

Full specifications:
– 10 fat analogue basses
– 2 lush FX patches
– 11 sweet leads
– 7 lush pads

Required version: U-He Tyrell N6 v3. This item is a completely free download. You need to be a logged in Roqstar member.