by SynthIV

Another free VST Plugin by SynthIV. This time it’s an 80’s FM synth which comes in very handy. The GSS-370 is an approximate emulation (sound-a-like) of the Yamaha PSS-370’s synthesizer.  “Circuit-bending” modifications have been added as well.

-the PSS-370’s digital synthesizer controls (5 waveforms, octave of modulating oscillator, frequency modulation level, Attack, Decay, and level.  Vibrato and sustain(release) switch included)
-Switch between standard and ‘circuit-bent’ controls
-Decibel reading and peak indicator.
-Gain (boost)
-V-Mod (amount note velocity will affect vibrato depth)
-Filter with cutoff, resonance (both LFO controllable), fill, and dry knobs.
-LFO with frequency and depth controls
-Send LFO to: Pitch, PWM (active when Wave=5/pulse), Pan, or Volume.  On/off switch included.
-Power on/off
-Mod wheel controls LFO frequency

Knobs created by Vera Kinter

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