IV Line Synth

by SynthIV

IV Line: 4 Step Synthesizer/Sequencer. Select the pitch of each oscillator to create melodies, use the array of controls and filters to find the perfect tones, and use the tempo synced delay and sequencer to create trance-like rhythms.

Details: Each step is it’s own synthesizer with waveform selector, pitch selector (note, octave, microtones), moog style filter, and a biquad filter with several filter types as well as length/attack/decay controls. Adjust the timing and division of the steps (tempo-synced) with their respective controls and use the delay (also tempo-synced) to create complex rhythms along with it.

Note: There is no MIDI input; this synthesizer is controlled on the instrument itself. Update with option to use a MIDI controller may come in the future.

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