MJUC jr.

by Klanghelm

MJUC jr. is a free colorful variable-tube compressor effect, based on the commercial MJUC plugin by Klanghelm. This is the same developer who created one of our favorite freeware compressor plugins ever, the brilliantly simple and effective DC1A. MJUC jr. is in pretty much the same ballpark in terms of simplicity and ease of use, however it is based on a different circuit model that adds more color to the processed signal.

With just two programmable knobs, dialing in the perfect setting with MJUC jr. is a very simple task. Setting it to auto-timing mode makes things even easier, however adjusting the timing manually is a good idea when working with more transient-heavy material like drums and bass guitars. The compressor does wonders on vocals, but it can also be used to great effect for tightening drums, guitars, and even for adding a bit of color and punch to a full stereo mix.

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