Sanford Reverb

by Leslie Sanford

Leslie Sanford returned to the freeware scene this year with Sanford Delay, shortly followed by the re-release of Bass Tightener. His biggest re-release of 2015 though, without any doubt, is the brilliant Sanford Reverb effect. It is one of the most versatile and best sounding freeware reverb plugins on today’s market. If you’re a fan of the legendary Ambience reverb by Magnus, you’ll instantly fall in love with Sanford Reverb.

Our favorite part of Sanford Reverb’s feature set is the excellent freeze mode which is tons of fun to play around with and a great creative tool for sound design purposes. Other notable features include detailed early reflections control with three early reflection points per stereo channel, full MIDI learn support and reverb modulation with depth and speed controls. Sanford Reverb can emulate anything from very small rooms to large halls and weird cavernous spaces. It is available as a VST plugin for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows based host applications.

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