Simply Space

by Nigel Good

Simply Space is a free collection of atmospheric pads and melodic hits crafted by Nigel Good, a brilliant electronic music producer from Waterloo, Canada. Delivered straight from Nigel Good’s music studio, this exclusive royalty free sound library features a diverse set of spacious melodic pads and emotional synth stabs with lush reverb tails which are the perfect tool for adding depth and lively background textures to your music.

The included samples were designed to blend perfectly with all typical chords for a given key, meaning that you can layer them underneath your chord progressions and riffs, instantly adding depth and a sense of space to your mix. The sounds are sampled both at C and G, but you can easily transpose these sounds to fit any other key.

Each sound included in the pack is available in several different versions, so it’s super easy to add more variation to the project without duplicating the same background texture over and over again. It’s also worth pointing out that these samples can be transformed into great sounding tension builders and swooshes simply by reversing them in your DAW or audio editor of choice.

In addition to the original sample content in WAV format, the library also includes a set of 34 NKI patches which can be loaded in Native Instruments Kontakt 5. There are two different types of NKI patches included in the pack. The two patches located in the root folder (labeled “Simply Space (C)” and “Simply Space (G)”) are there to provide an easy way to trigger all of the included samples using your MIDI keyboard. If you load the “Simply Space (C)” patch, all of the samples in the key of C will be mapped to the white keys on your MIDI controller. You can easily tune these to your project’s key by adjusting the “Transpose” setting on the NI Kontakt instrument panel.

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