Syntler 1.5

by Syntler

Free Groove VSTi Plugin. The vst plugin offers a groove function, fx and an arpeggio synth.

Bugs fixed.
Tempo quantize. (16, 32, off).
Now the joystick works when the groove mode enabled. Put syntler.dll in a folder with your VST instruments. Open as VSTi in the project. Move the joystik and play the virtual keybord or MIDI. MIDI keys 36 – 47. Key velosity (0 – 63) – minor, (64 – 127) – major.  For scratch and fx play, press the “scratch” button.

For groove play, press the “groove” button, then click “REC” and move the joystik (after 1 bar light metronom). The plugin is supplied “as is”.

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