Venom VB-303

by Anton Savov

Venom VB-303 is a win32 VST made with SynthEdit/SE_SDK2. This free VST plugin by Anton Savov is an approximation of the sound of a x0xb0x, and the sequencer of the TB-303. The plugin is great for hip hop and dance producers.

The special thing about this plugin is, that it’s just 1 oscillator, thru 1 filter, and VCA, controlled via a sequencer.

Many people think they can substitude a 303 with any synth which has saw/square and a resonant filter.
They are missing the point, the 303 shouldn’t be taken apart like that, it should be examined as a whole. And the combination of that oscillator, with that filter, with that sequencer, and those other little details (accent and slide) working together is what makes this thing unique, and so hard to recreate with anything else.
So, no, you just cannot substitute a 303 with any synth, you need a synth which is explicitly designed to emulate the 303.
Fortunately for everyone, there are quite a number of 303 clones and emulations, in hardware and software form, this here is just one of them.

It’s also a common misconception that the unique sound of the 303 is all due to that filter, well, it’s not.
The unique 303 sound is 50% due to sequencer which controls the synth engine, and the other 50% goes between the oscillator, filter, accent, slide, and how the parameters (Tone Control) work.
Notice how i basically mentioned every single thing on that synth. That’s correct, the only normal thing in the 303 is the sawtooth waveform, which is more or less a pure boring old ramp. So while the square wave, the filter and those other things are indeed unique on their own – this doesn’t mean that you’ll instantly make acid if you take the filter from the 303 and slap it in another synth. The individual parts are not responsible for the result, it’s the combination of them together in that little box.

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