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Novo: Modern Strings

Effects, Orchestral, Pop

Sample Like A Boss

Effects, Hip Hop, Trap

Riddim Madness

Dubstep, Hip Hop

Tropical Kiss

FL Studio

NastyVCS – Console Strip

Compressor, Plugins

Future Bass Pack

Future Bass, Serum

Tropical Love

EDM and Dance, House

Tropical House

EDM and Dance, House

Industry 808 Bass Kit

Bass, Drums and Percussion, Trap

Future Vocal Chops

Future Bass, Vocal

Free Trap Pack

Drums and Percussion, Trap

Red & Glowing

Drums and Percussion, Trap

BVKER Sampler

Ableton Live, EDM and Dance, Serum

Bazz Future Bass & Trap

Future Bass, Trap

Future Bass & Trap

Future Bass, Trap

AronV Tropical House

EDM and Dance

IAAM Tropical House

EDM and Dance, House


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Best Studio Headphone 2018?

There are many more expensive studio headphones around and but this review is about finding the best Studio Headphones regarding price and value. After having used a ton of different headphones during the last few years many of them do the job well but are either very expensive or lack to provide a clear and more or less balanced sound.


Best Studio Headphones For Mixing Under $100

If you are looking for best studio headphones for mixing the best way to go is a pair of flat sounding headphones. Mixing with studio headphones that have great sound but are not that flat but it will take you months or even years of experience to know the frequency ranges…


Best USB Mic? Blue Yeti vs Audio Technica AT2020

In this short review I share some light over the two USB Microphones and compare them. This by all means is no full review where everything is analyzed into detail but it should help you to find the major differences between the microphones. So let’s start to find the best usb mic for you.


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