Best Computers / Laptops for Music Production

When you just start out to produce music you face the same question as everyone else who is starting out with music production.


And it’s of course the most crucial question as it’s a make or break decision:

“Which computer should I get for music production?”

In this article we will guide you through the decision of getting a computer/laptop for music production. There is not one "

Even a few requirements are different for every person, there are some requirements for a “music producer computer” that are similar for everyone. So these are the important questions:

  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you want to travel with your computer?
  • Do you use heavy instrument plugins and do heavy mixes?


A mixing engineer or a film score composer who runs a composition with 100+ tracks needs a fast and heavily loaded computer. If you only need a few tracks to produce beats then you might not need a ultra-fast and fully loaded computer or laptop.

So you already see. Each situation is different.


Desktop versus Laptops

Since today the professional studio standard are desktop computers. They still offer more opportunities than laptops in terms of power and speed.

However, the last few years laptops got more and more popular. One of the main reasons is the portability. You can continue working on your track literally everywhere.

Not only traveling producers but mostly the DJing scene uses laptops due it’s portability. For these guys it’s impossible to run around with a heavy desktop tower.


PROs for Desktop computers:

  • faster
  • more room to expand
  • put in separate computer room in studios
  • more connection possibilities


PROs for Laptop computer:

  • portability
  • size to put away
  • less hardware to care about, one service provider


It’s undeniable that the mobile studio has become the standard of today.

Most professionals use a desktop computer in their studio and have an additional laptop but if you just start with music production then a laptop will be a good choice.

It also makes sense because you probably already own a laptop and don’t need to buy a second computer.  


PC vs. Mac

You won’t believe how many times I heard people in the studio praise either Mac or PC.

Fact is they both do the job. So it’s best to forget about all the notoriously hyping one over the other.

Most creatives used to have a Mac and still today many recording studios still use Macs.


Mac was kind of a studio standard. And this not without any reason. They are fast, solid built and well-designed machines. On the other hand they are expensive.


In recent year PC has become more and more popular. For much less money you can get a computer that can hold pace with a Mac or even outperform in terms of performance.


It’s also much easier to configure and customize your music computer. Same goes for overclocking and tuning PC performance.


PROs for Mac

  • well designed
  • good performance
  • standard solution for creatives

PROs for PC

  • less expensive
  • good performance
  • easier to customize


In then end it doesn’t really matter if you choose a Mac or PC. It all comes down to your personal preferences.

It’s important to know what DAW you would like to run. Logic for example is built for Mac. So make sure to check your preferred DAW before buying a Laptop.

Same goes with your audio interface. Some audio interfaces are especially built for Macs. You will have a hard time trying to connect them to a PC.

So it’s always best to double check your preferred home studio main components before buying a laptop for music production. 


Here’s our top picks when it comes to laptops for music production. Keep in mind that it’s very important to choose a version with:


  • enough RAM (16GB RAM and higher is recommended)
  • a fast CPU (fastest you can afford)



Best Laptops For Music Production

So if you choose to go with a Laptop then these are the best laptops for music production.






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