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At you can create your own audio brand and gain followers who will automatically see your items in their feed. You can start selling for free. In this article we talk about how we gained ou..

Around two month we posted an article how we got our 100 first follower on our profile. Now it’s time for an update. We reached already over 250 followers and completed our next milestone. 272 today to be exactly. This means 272 people see our updates and are interested in our items, sounds, presets and stock music or DAW templates. These 250 people could be your followers, so let me share how we keep growing.

Share something for free

If you have great items people will follow you no matter what. But let's face it, most people even take something for free without saying thanks or sometimes even complain. So the key point to learn is to give something away. Something that people could find useful. This is the way how you establish your first connection.

Remember the pushy sales guys in a crowded shopping street that simply want to ask or sell you something. Immediately, most people pull back and bypass these people. Even if sometimes the offer would be the perfect fit for a person. Yet they still miss it. So there's only this way to make a first connection without being salesy or pushy. Share value with others.

We implemented a feature that let's you share free items only with people who follow you. This way they agree to see future updates from you and a first connection is established. Whenever they login they will see your other paid items in their feed or your account suggested to them in the search.

Persistance and repetition

While most people are sharing one item and then wait for sales to rush in, they often are disappointed how long it can take to make their first sale. The key take away here is to not "wait" and keep following your dreams. While you wait others publish ten other items or share the links on other platforms. They simply keep going into towards the goal they want to reach because they now building an audience and reap the fruits of having a ton of followers who see your items for sale is a marathon not a spring. 

The only difference why your account has zero or 1 followers is because we kept releasing content. More and more. Reptition over and over. And suddenly you reach a point where growth starts to take off exponentially.


When exponential growth starts

Suddenly, someone who likes your item starts to share it. Someone else is talking about on their Facebook account too. A couple guys in the studio found your sounds and start to talk about it too. Slowly, sometimes only after weeks or months the word starts to build and you get more and more views and followers.

As written above it's very important to constantly keep sharing new content with the world. Use the gift of our talents to share something for free or new paid items.


It's a numbers game, but...

In the end it's not important if you reach 10'000 followers one day. What is important is that you have people who like what you do and see updates from you from time to time. Of course you need a certain amount of followers to generate a decent amount of sales. You can't have 5 followers and expect to make a ton of sales. Surely, you need dozens or better a couple hundred followers or better a few thousands. This is the point where you can release an item and have quite a lot of sales if they liked your work before.

So the key take away is to not wait and keep going towards your goal. Don't wait until tomorrow and get to work today.

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