Best Studio Headphones For Mixing Under $100

If you are looking for best studio headphones for mixing the best way to go is a pair of flat sounding headphones. You can mix with headphones that have great sound but are not that flat but it will take you months or even years of experience to know the frequency ranges of your studio headphones better that are exaggerated or lacking. If your studio headphones do not provide accurate sound then this is like fishing in the dark. I will list my pros and cons and outline why the Sony MDR7506 ar e the best cheap headphones for mixing in 2018.

Get the Sony MDR7506 here: http://amzn.to/2Es7fKF

1 . Quality & Features

The Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone is built verySony MDR7506 - Best Studio Headphones For Mixing well. They feel light in hand, are foldable and are comfortable to wear. I have worn more comfortable headphones but they were in a whole other price range. One of the main advantages of the Sony MDR7506 is that they are foldable so they are perfect for DJ’s or music producers that need a mobile studio setup.

Other than that they come with a carry bag and a unimatch plug. The gold connectors and OFC cord are solid and have never seemed cheap to me. They have a closed-ear design which means you will have a minimum of outside noise and bleed.

The headband is comfortable and give you enough space.

2. Sound Quality

On of the most important aspects is of course the sound. As all-arround studio headphones and mixing studio headphones have completely different important factors (find the best all-around studio headphones in my other article Best Studio Headphone 2018 ). You want mixing headphones to sound flat and clean. You don’t want a sound that you would get from Beats by Dre Solo 3’s. The Sony MDR7506 has compared to other headphones I have used a relatively flat sound and provides you with an accurate sound where the frequeny spectrum is balanced. It will not sound as spectacular as a bassy everyday headphone but that’s also not what we want for mixing. Therefore I like to mix on these headphones and think they provide great value for a relatively cheap price considering it’s a studio headphone.

The headphone delivers sound from 10Hz to 20kHz which makes it no problem to handle low-end sounds or subbasses. What I especially like is that the highs are clear and the low-end is tight which allows me to accurately monitor my mix.

3. Conclusion – Best Studio Headphones For Mixing For Less Than $80

For under $80 you can get a pair of Sony headphones on Amazon. You will quickly notice that you are not alone and thousands of producers and DJ’s like them for their flat sound. Overall these cheaper headphones are my go to recommendation for music productions but especially for mixing. So the best studio headphones for mixing 2018 award (for under $80) goes to this pair of headphones.

Get the Sony MDR7506 here: http://amzn.to/2Es7fKF

Sony MDR750

Sony MDR750

Built Quality


Sound Quality


Wear Comfort







  • flat sound
  • fair price
  • solid built quality
  • detailed sound for this price range


  • no joke, for mixing none

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