Best USB Mic? Blue Yeti vs Audio Technica AT2020

In this short review I share some light over the two USB Microphones and compare them. This by all means is no full review where everything is analyzed into detail but it should help you to find the major differences between the microphones. So let’s start to find the best usb mic for you.

Get the Blue Yeti here: http://amzn.to/2EgcBbD

Get the AT2020 here: http://amzn.to/2Cez5g1

USB Microphones For Homerecording

First of all, I think that USB Microphones are great for recording on the road or for a tiny home studio setup. If you have a real and professional studio environment you will not find any USB microphones that can hold up to tube microphones which are powered by their own PSU. But in the end we all know that it’s not the most expensive high-end mic that wins. We all agree that a microphone should have a certain quality minimum and no one likes spikey highs but in the end it’s what you do with all the gear. But then again the high end microphones are priced ten fold or event 50 fold higher. A USB microphone for home recording is just so easy and fast to use that in terms of creativity and ease of use they beat high end mics. Aswell as a starter you don’t need to have all the high end and very expensive gear. So let’s jump into a quick comparison.

1. Built Quality and Features

Both microphones are built very solid from metal and do not feel cheap. It has a headphone volume knob, a volume gain knob, four recording patterns for you to choose, a mute button and direct headphone monitoring knob. The Audio Technica AT2020 in comparison offers not a single feature. In terms of built quality they are equal but when it commes to features the Blue Yeti clearly wins.

In all fairness we need to mention that there is a second version which is called Audio Technica AT2020 Plus which is more expensive and then features at least a volume know.

Looking at the stand of these two microphones the Yeti offers a very good and solid stand which I like. The stand of the AT2020 is not as solid and is very low. It even does not stand properly when turned at some angles as the microphone is too heavy for the tiny stand. This can be an issue as the microphone is too far away to record straight and properly into the microphone.

2. Sound Quality

The Blue Yeti has a full and rouner sound than the AT2020. The AT2020 even sounds a bit tiny compared to the Blue Yeti. However, even the Blue Yeti seems to have more bass the AT2020 performs better at higher frequencies. They sound smooth and clean while the Yeti Blue sounds pretty harsh at louder volume. You could try to equalize the highs later on but it’s always harder to bring in detail into a recording which is not there. It’s like an image. If there are pixels missing the image will not look smooth and it will be hard to add pixels later. The same applies to vocal recordings. I am a bit allergic when it comes to highs that sound harsh.

In terms of sound I clearly prefer the AT2020. Even the bass frequencies are a bit thin it just sounds cleaner and more open to me. The Blue Yeti is a typical podcast microphone in my opinion. You have those deep and low and warm voices. And with those it performs very nicely.

Considering that these are both USB Microphones and no high end studio microphones with power units or other additional gear they are pretty good.

3. USB Microphone Conclusion

Personally, I would go with the Audio Technica and use it with an additional stand. If I would need to choose an all-in-one solution where I don’t want to buy additional gear I probably would choose the Blue Yeti. In terms of sound they are almost equal but the Blue Yeti appears to have more low end but is also muddier. With both of these microphones you will get a good and solid sounding USB microphones so you can’t really go wrong with either one. That being said in the end it depends on your preferences to have a more clear or a more bassy sound and to have the features mentioned earlier.

Get the Blue Yeti here: http://amzn.to/2EgcBbD

Get the AT2020 here: http://amzn.to/2Cez5g1


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