AronV Tropical House

by AronV

We came across this cool free Tropical House Sample Pack by Aron Music.  Here’s his description, go give him a follow on youtube.

I decided to make a Sample Pack for you producers! It is a sample pack with over 60MB of samples (it is not much but they are all one-shots so you get a lot of kicks, claps, hats, snaps etc.) In this pack I have included all the loops I used in my video’s/music like the tropical loop where a lot of people where asking for. They are from kalek so I credited him in the info.txt (or something like that haha.) I hope you like the samples! Enjoy Producing! Sorry for not uploading in while! Oh yeah by the way I have also included a other tropical flute in it, and i added a Grand Piano and a Saxophone in it (and more instruments!)

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