About us

What is Sohance?

Sohance is a free sounds directory for music producers and music production enthusiats. A community that strives to list all the best free sample packs, preset packs, VST plugins, software instruments and daw templates from the web. Because it's hard to dig everywhere on your own.

While listing the best finds from the web Sohance is also home to many producers that grow their audience reach by sharing free items and their knowledge with others.

Another big thing on Sohance is to share your latest music productions and get feedback from other fellow music producers that help you to improve your sound.

Grow your audience by helping others

Start sharing your free sounds and presets with others and grow your audience and followers. We think it's a great way to grow your follower base by helping others and sharing free sample packs, presets, DAW templates or your expertise.

Start sharing knowledge with others today and have more people listening to your music and sounds.

A few words on importing content

While some ask if it's legal to list videos we can tell you it's perfectly legal and allowed by Youtube, Dailymotion and others because it helps the original content creator and views on the original platform, for example Youtube.com, goes up.

It's like newspapers and blogs sharing a creators content and he will get much more traffic and exposure. If you plan to list your finds you need to stick to a couple rules to make sure the original content creator is getting credit and exposure.


  • download content and re-upload here

  • remove descriptions when importing content

  • claim other peoples stuff as your own, you are only sharing it with others

  • include brand and format names in titles; just keep it short and as exact as possible

Who is behind Sohance?

Sohance came to life when a couple music producers discussed about the issue that there is no real and specialized platform where music producers or sound designer can show finished and also unfinished projects and get feedback or share a few free sounds to let others explore their skills.

In return for sharing and showcasing awesome stuff they can grow their audience and land jobs from other producers or music software companies who are looking for skills from fellow producers.

How can I claim a profile?

If not the companies or brands itself we are listing freebies from brands and companies in our directory in order for more people to find them. While this helps people to find freebies, it also helps brands and companies to get more awareness for their brand/company/website. If a profile is "claimable" it means the company or brand can claim this profile to become the editor and admin of this site.

What if another user shared an freebie I created?

If someone else listed a freebie before your company/brand joined the platform please contact us. We will transfer the video or post to your account.

Want to help?

Sohance is a young and fresh project. It came to live because there was no real place to connect so if you like the idea of Sohance you can help by:

  • Tell your friends about Sohance.

  • Let us know about your thoughs and improvements you would like to see.