[Beats & Bobs #35] Special Chords part 2: Andalusian cadence, Sus4 and Sus2 chords - Music Theor

27 Oct 2018

Here is the second part of a double episode about Special chords (and chord progressions) here are the chords we see in this episode:

- Andalusian Cadence:
Even if this have "cadence" in the name, it is not really a cadence. It is a chord progression, often played in loop, that is very popular in flamenco music. Because it is often played in loop, you can consider it in tonalities, depending on what fonction you assign to each chord.
But what if we wanted to use it as a regular cadence anyways? let's put it to the test

- sus4 Chord:

The name may be not as sexy as the other ones on the list, it is a pretty interesting one. We didn't really have a closer look to it so what better time than now?
It is a chord made of a Root note, a Perfect 4th and a Perfect 5th.
Classically used as a transition chord, you can also use it as a regular chord to blur the boundaries between major and minor tonalities

- sus2 Chord:

Considererd less popular than the sus4, it is also classically a transition chord. It can bee just as useful as the sus4, and speaking of it here is a good opportunity shift toward voicings, which will be the topic of the next video

I hope you like this video and thanks for passing by!


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