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30 Oct 2019

Mixed in Cubase 8El 64bit


Download raw tracks

Download mixed stems

This template is a good choice if you like programming and making music on your computer.

Inside the project you can find all the settings (presets) for plug-ins, and screenshots

For the drums I used Toontracks stuff (midi)

Superior Drummer 3 sampler for Mixing drums, for drum sound I used 2 libraries (ezx Metal Machine and Made of metal) The SD3 sampler was used only for processing drums, the standard SD3 library was not used.

You will get a mixed ready sound directly from the SD3 sampler, it is very convenient for programming midi parts

Di guitars was programmed in Solemn tones Odin+ shreddage 2, You can also find midi for guitars and upload them to the project, settings and screenshots you can find in project folder

Di bass was programmed in Ample sound Metal ray 5 +screens

Rroject structure:

1 Drums-midi

1 Bass track di (wav file)

9 tracks electric drums (wav files)

12 tracks Fx stuff (wav files)

7 guitars tracks (wav files)

5 tracks vocals (wav files)

+ bonus MIDI

Midi for drums

Midi for bass

Midi for Solemn Tones Odin Rhytm

Midi for Shreddage 2 guitars


Waves S1

Waves Center

Waves C4

Waves CLA 3A

Waves SSL Channel

Waves SSL Comp

Waves Q10

Waves Kramer Pie

Waves Doubler 2

Waves L1 Limiter

Waves H-Delay

Waves Renaissance AXX

Waves Deesser

Slate digital Virtual Mix Rack (ver

Jst Ben Bruce

Jst Jason Richardson

Jst Clip

Jst Gain reduction

Fab Filter Pro Q2

Line 6 Pod farm preamp

Cubase RoomWorks

Izotope Ozone 5 Maximizer, Used for final limiting You can use any mastering limiter

If the project does not work correctly, or if there are no plug-ins from the list, you can contact me, ( we can replace the plug-ins with those that you have

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