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FREE! Tribal Drums Sample Pack | Prey Hunter

Published on 01 Sep 2018 / In Sample Packs

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Bringing ethnic elements into electronically produced music can really add a unique vibe and groove that is otherwise hard to obtain by sequencing samples. This collection of free Tribal drums and Percussion features a ton of great percussion loops & one shots by Prey Hunter. These samples will add great grooves into your tracks and is perfect for jungle terror or any other genres that need an ethnic vibe.

The samples are ideal for a producer who wants to bring the Tribal vibe into their tracks. The loops have been recorded at various different tempos so you can use these sounds in many different genres, including many different forms of EDM. Leading artists such as Major Lazer have been continuously mixing their EDM craft with Tribal Drums & African samples. By experimenting with these samples you can create any sort of outside the box track. Producers of genres such as trap, down tempo, and dub-step will get a ton of mileage out of these samples.

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