How To Make A FULL Song On iPhone (Garageband iOS Tutorial) | Studio Vlog

06 Jan 2020

An in studio tutorial vlog on how to make a beat and record a full song using just your iPhone + Garageband for iOS (or android with a different music making app). Basic demonstrations and music production tips and tricks I learned from trial and error on the best techniques to employ when recording vocals, music, and making beats for any song in any mobile music recording software that offers both music creation and vocal recording in this studio session! So if you've ever wanted to learn how to either make music in garageband on any mobile iOS device like iPhone or iPad or how to record an entire full song and hear that it actually sounds really good then this video is for you! A lot of you have messaged me saying you wish you had the music equipment to be able to approach music and vocal production the way I do but you really don't need thousands of dollars worth of equipment! You can get started and make music as a complete beginner right on your phone from anywhere in the world.

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