How to Mix a Song from Start to Finish | iZotope Music Production Suite 2.1

06 Jan 2020

Mixing an entire track can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. In this video, we break down the most important steps in mixing a track. Learn how to import and organize your tracks and get them to a good level balance. Then dive into best practices for mixing each core part of a typical mix: your drums, bass, guitars, synths and vocals, all before polishing the final mix into a rough master.

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Table of Contents:

1:05 - Importing tracks and understanding level balance
3:25 - Introduction to the Visual Mixer
4:30 - Choosing your Focuses for Balance
6:10 - Reclassifying instruments and using the group sliders in Balance
7:30 - Bypassing Mix Assistant’s default result and tweaking the group sliders
10:55 - Organizing the tracks in your session
12:00 - *Mixing Drums*
13:00 - Using Track Enhance to jumpstart kick drum mixing
16:00- Molding a kick drum with Sculptor
18:30 - Using the Masking Meter to remove muddiness between percussive elements
23:58 - Adding reverb to rimshots
25:38 - Mixing a snare drum with Sculptor
27:40 - Taming hi-hats and mixing bells
31:45 - *Mixing Bass*
33:43 - Using Track Enhance to jumpstart bass synth mixing
36:53 - Using dynamic sidechaining to unmask the bass synth from the kick drum
40:54 - *Mixing Guitars*
41:45 - Using Sculptor’s Targets to fit guitars into the mix
44:50 - *Mixing Synths*
45:00 - Tackling resonance and broadband issues in analog synths with Neutron 3
49:42 - *Mixing Vocals*
50:26 - Using Nectar to mix a lead rap vocal
53:02 - Using Auto Level Mode in Nectar to automatically gain-ride a vocal
55:56 - Quickly processing ad libs with presets in Nectar 3
59:19 - Mixing and panning chorus and verse vocal doubles with Nectar 3 and Visual Mixer
1:07:58 - Drum bus processing with Sculptor
1:11:21 - *Mastering the track*
1:12:09 - Using Master Assistant to jumpstart the mastering process
1:17:33 - Using Tonal Balance Control to ensure track translatability
1:20:00 - Addressing tonal imbalances using Ozone and Tonal Balance Control

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