How to Mix in FL Studio 20

03 Nov 2019

Mixing is an important part of the production process, it can help your song become clear, deep and professional sounding.
Mixing can take a lifetime to perfect, but the basics can be understood very quickly.

I break the process down into 3 simple steps for beginners -

1)Setting the volumes to get a static mix. This helps you start in a strong position and address any issues in the arrangement and songwriting which might be lacking.

2)Cleaning up the sounds so that they are separated and clear.
In this example, I used high pass filters to remove excess low end from sounds that should be more mid/treble focused.

3)Adding artistic effects - In this case, a lot of reverb was used but this is not necessary on a lot of sources. This is where you can use saturation (try fruity waveshaper), delay (Fruity Delay 3) or other artistic effects to add character, life and vibe to your song.

The most important detail is to keep using your ears - not your eyes- to mix. Look after your ears and trust them :)

It's best to mix with monitors so that you can hear the tonal balance and stereo width correctly. I am using headphones for the sake of the video.

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