Making A Beat: ‘Closer’ (Remake) / Chainsmokers Tutorial / Logic Pro Music Production

06 Jan 2020

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Here’s my Logic Pro tutorial on how to beat remake the instrumental/music for Chainsmokers' ‘Closer ft Halsey’ using only standard Logic instruments and plugins - no need to buy any 3rd party software. Logic Pro X is an amazing package - it has a huge standard library of instruments, samples and synths as well as great sounding EQs, compressors and effects. All you need to create great music.

I personally don’t like tutorials that require the use of 3rd party instruments or plugins because:
1. They can be expensive and not everyone can afford them. I want these tutorials to help as many budding producers from all levels of production.
2. They aren’t strictly necessary because the standard ones can do 90% of what the best ones do. With the right skills and ears, more like 99%.
3. Developing a strong skill set is much, much more valuable than spending money on more tools. Especially when you’re just starting off.

Of course, when you are at the level where you need that extra polish/features and the standard plugs don’t cut it, then feel free to spend on 3rd party plugs. With the right skillsets and knowledge, they can be well worth it!

Best of luck with your production journey and feel free to drop me a line at

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